We have always been travellers, in earlier years with our children, then on our own. We visited a lot of countries, spent many years abroad, lived on different continents. While living in India during the last couple of years we discovered motorbike-tours throughout the subcontinent and thus we got the taste of being on the road again.  When staying in Austria we spend our time in Unterach at Attersee, located in beautiful Salzburg area.

                                                                                                                  Valerie: I was born in 1958 in Munich. I grew up in various European countries. After my graduation in Switzerland, I moved to Austria and worked in advertising agencies, then as an editor and reporter for daily newspapers and magazines. Following my dream of living independently, I began to write books and to travel with my husband and my children. Since then, I have published several novels as well as nonfiction, essays and poems, and a non-profit book for childhood cancer support. In September 2016, I started my radio show at an independent broadcasting station to voice my belief in the necessity of a paradigm shift. Click here for the podcast.


Horst: I was born in 1955 in Vienna/Austria. After graduating as a merchant and managing the family business, I turned my passion into my profession and became a horse trainer and carriage driving coach on an international basis for many years. In 1992, I founded an organic farm in Jamaica. My experience then became part of my work as an organic farming consultant for the Ministry of Agriculture in Mauritius in the year 2000. After some years in Austria my wife Valerie and I founded the Art Resort in Palolem which we now handed over to our friend. Now we are free again to travel wherever we want to.

TAO, the way, the path, the flow.

Time And Out: We take our time and we are out.